Amazing Features

Time Attendance

Employees can do manual clock-in/clock-out on the site or automatically by the mobile app - supervisor can also do the clock-in/clock-out for any employee - Insta reports for all employees attendance.

HR Management

Employees (workers/subcontractor and staff) profiles - Create projects with full information and details - Portal to manage the work, employees, and generate all needed reports.


Publish projects in the market with all details - Best match employees (workers, subcontractors and HR companies) - view who applied with their details.

About Amal

Amal aims to build a transparent construction-to-contractor digital network. Utilizing the latest machine learning technology, Amal’s service gets bespoke, crowd-sourced information to help create reliable matches and help users optimize the resources based on reports and management tools.

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How it Works?

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    We will provide a demo with an access to our portal and mobile app.

    Setup the mobile app

    All users in the system should install the mobile app in order to monitor and manage the resources...

    Setup Manager's account

    Will have the access to the dashboard in order to assign, add and manage all the resources in the system...

    Find your Insights

    The system will generate the neeeded reports and even alerts when something upnormal happens...

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AmalWork - Palestine

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