Filling the gab between workers and contractors.

We disrupt the construction industry by bridging workers with contractors bringing transparency, trust, and culture change.


We are aiming for one place shop for construction contractors to reduce their time waste and increase their efficiency. And we are providing for the next three years the following product:


a. Onboarding for users: All the workers that signed up get vetted through a process to classify the workers which will lead to an increase in the quality of the workers
b. Matching: Contractors get matched with workers (Unskilled, skilled or subcontractors) through Machine learning algorithms.
c. Rating: Two ways rating for both contractors and workers.


a. Time and location tracking:Track the location of the workers per project for each contractor through GPS, and generate time attendance reports, time compliance for the contractors based on the hours they worked. And follow upon overtime if needed.
b. Payroll confirmation:Approve payroll every week, month, when they are paid from easy-to-use apps and website platforms and generate a budget and financial reports.
c. Team communication and Announcements: Communicate directly to teams per project and send them announcements directly.
d. Insights & Analytics: Generate real-time reporting and analytics insights to make decisions. Gain insight into how your locations and team members are performing.

Professional Development:

Provide workshops and events for the workers to improve their professional development in the following sectors: legal, safety, soft skills and banking.

Problems we solve:

- Good construction workers are in high demand and hard to find when you need them.
- Contractors waste valuable time searching and vetting qualified construction workers
- Workers are anxious about the next day... trying hard to achieve work stability
- There are no easily available records of worker’s performance or history and similarly, there are no documented reviews on the contractor
- Worker rates are not regulated and informal, there is no benchmarking based on various job roles

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